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Mountainfield is now Edgy Foods

29. oktober 2019

Mountainfield changes name to Edgy Foods

Mountainfield has now become Edgy Foods. We think that this name suits us better and nails more precisely what we stands for: interesting food with an edge!

It is still the same team with the great passion for good, green and honest food from natural ingredients that stands behind the name. We will continue our mission making our foods accessible everyone and continue to develop food products that makes it easy to eat good and healthy.

Edgy Foods produces and markets a number of foods including the Edgy Veggie range and Smutties fruit snacks. The Edgy Veggie range comprises the following:

  • Edgy Veggie Granola
  • Edgy Veggie Snacks
  • Edgy Veggie To Go
  • Edgy Veggie Seitan
  • Edgy Veggie Freeze-dried Fruits & Berries


All Edgy Veggie products are plant-based and without animal ingredients. This is why you will find many of our products in the vegan section in Irma, Kvickly, SuperBrugsen, Føtex and Bilka.

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