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New: Edgy Veggie Pulled Seitan Taco

8. januar 2020

Edgy Foods launches new taco-spiced variant of the popular Edgy Veggie Pulled Seitan products.

It shall be easy to eat well and sustainably! In a busy everyday life only few have the opportunity to spend a lot of time cooking. Therefore,  Edgy Foods now launches yet another novelty in the refrigerated counter: Taco seasnoed Edgy Veggie Pulled Seitan.

Like the Kebab and Souvlaki, the new Edgy Veggie Pulled Seitan Taco is made based on seitan which is a plant based alternative to meat made from wheat protein and it is therefore completely soy-free. What’s more, seitan is nenowned and loved for its nice meat-like texture and proteins

Edgy Veggie Pulled Seitan Taco is made of natural ingredients and has a high content of protein – 23.5 g per 100 g – which is higher than other plant based products in the same category. The high protein content provides a good satiety.

Edgy Veggie Pulled Seitan is easy and delicious plant based food rich in protein.

Pulled Seitan Taco is both easy and quick to prepare. Simply fry the ready spiced seitan bits for 4-5 min i a little bit of oil and the it’s ready to be served with e.g. taco shells and tortilla wraps together with a salad, lovely vegetables, salsa and a nice guacamole – or what about a delicious burrito bowl with your favourite tex mex ingredients? There are lots of opportuinites to cook delicious, green meals quite easily with Edgy Veggie Pulled Seitan.

The new Edgy Veggie Pulled Seitan Taco is available in selected Føtex and Bilka supermarkets and in our Swedish webshop from week 3.


  • Seitan (pronounced say-tahn) is an excellent alternative to meat and is also called “wheat meat”, since it both looks like meat and has a texture that is very close to that of meat.
  • Seitan is manufactured by washing out the starch of the wheat flour after which the pure wheat protein is left. When the wheat protein is cooked is results in a product that is similar to meat in terms of appearance and texture.
  • Seitan has been a basic ingredient in the Asian and the Vegetarian kitchen for many years.
  • Seitan is noted for being one of the few alternatives to meat completely soy-free and, in addition, it has a high content of protein.
  • Since seitan is made of wheat it is has a completely neutral taste and has no bitter notes, which can  often be an issue with soy- and pea-based meat alternatives.


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