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Our story

Edgy Foods started out with a couple of people working in the food industry, traveling and stumbling on new exciting products all of the time. We found ourselves thinking it was so sad that these amazing products couldn’t be found in Scandinavia — and so we found our purpose! We want to bring innovative new food based on natural ingredients to you!

The very first Edgy Foods product was Edgy Veggie Granulate, a plant-based alternative to meat, made of wheat protein and hence completely soy-free. It was followed by nutritious on-the-go meals, granola and snacks. Now, we offer a whole range of delicious products which cannot be found anywhere else – and much more to come!

We have a partiality for plant-based foods and our main focus is on the healthy kinds that taste good and that are based on natural ingredients and with minimum or preferably non additives  — because let’s face it: why eat food we don’t enjoy?


The idea behind Edgy Foods is to create “green”, delicious and nutritious foods providing more options to the consumers looking for honest, clean label food choices that do not require a lot of time and effort in the kitchen.

The need for plant based foods is continuously increasing. Whereas most products in the category today are based on soy or pea, Edgy Foods focus on products made of wheat, vegetables and pulses. When it comes to plant-based alternatives to meat wheat is a great ingredient due to its taste and its unique texture. Also, wheat is a climate smart ingredient and an excellent offer for those who may want to cut down on soy, or who may not tolerate soy and pea.

It is our philosophy that it shall be easy not only to eat good and sustainably, but it shall also be easy to read and comprehend the ingredient lists of the foods we put in our mouth!

Join us

We are always looking for new talents who can help us develop our business and who also love delicious nutritious foods. Send an unsolicited application along with your CV .

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The team

We´re a small group of dedicated people:

Katarina: the godmother and managing director.

– Christina, sales manager in Denmark. Came on board two years ago, have a burning interest for health and training, once a super athlete doing iron woman until her back said stop. Still an athlete doing hard biking races.

– Vinnie is the spider in the web. Taking care of our warehouse, freights and customer service.

– Dorthe was in from the beginning. Has a special eye for design and is the woman that has made all our beautiful design.

– Janie, is taking care of our web shop and everything around it. Try to give you superservice.

– Liselotte is our web assistant and an indispensable resource helping out with webshop, Facebook and keeping our GS1 data updated.

– Josef, sales manager in Sweden. Latest in the team. Loves football and our Cup to Go Chili sin Carne. Is now busy spreading the word in Sweden.

– Bo, sales consultant in Denmark. Latest in the team. Bo takes care of in-store activities and does also make sure that our product are displayed correctly in the stores.