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Tel.: +45 45 82 82 22

Edgy Foods ApS
Blokken 21
3460 Birkerød

Would you like to sell Edgy Veggie?
If you have a physical or online shop or company and would like to sell Edgy Veggie or some of our other products, please get in touch! We would love to hear from you!

The team

Katarina Furin

Managing Director katarina@edgyfoods.dk

Christina F. Visby

Sales Manager Denmark christina@edgyfoods.dk

Josef Claudén

Sales Manager, Sweden josef@edgyfoods.se

Vinnie Thomassen

Customers Service & Logistics vinnie@edgyfoods.dk

Dorthe Andersson

Marketing Coordinator dorthe@edgyfoods.dk

Liselotte Folling

Web Assistant liselotte@edgyfoods.dk

Janie Manfeld

Support kontakt@edgyfoods.dk

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